Dear Colleagues!Quality of provided services and our striving to be an advanced and a model Company in all respects are among the key factors contributing to our success. 

Another factor of our success is our reputation, which is based on non-compromising attitude to the highest ethical standards. Our intention is to further strengthen our reputation by ensuring our employees show proper attitude both in and out of their workplaces.
I am proud to say that the Holding has shaped a special “awareness culture” that emphasizes the importance of responsibility, opportunities and expectations that can contribute to creating an environment where our employees not only feel safe, but can also reach the highest levels of their professionalism.
By providing exceptional service to our Customers and creating opportunities for personal development of our employees, we strive to become reliable and permanent partners for both of them.
In order to ensure success and well-being of our partners, we foster innovative approaches to business processes and expand our capabilities at an unprecedented rate, as well as adapt to new conditions.
It is not only about what we do, but also about how responsibly we approach all our plans and actions.
The Corporate Code is a set of guiding principles that we rely on in our work and business. By adhering to norms and principles of the Code, we foster credible and reliable relationships with our partners.
We always commit to our promises. We set high standards for ourselves, and we consider this as another opportunity to be better. It is never too good. Being the first is not enough. Once we have improved an idea, we will do it again.
Our victories are the result of the fact that the Holding's staff, who work in different cities of our country, have always acted as a single team, unanimous in our vision of goals and united by corporate values and principles.
We are the Company that seeks and encourages talent, nurtures future leaders, and rewards achievement in a fair way.
Our Corporate Code is a framework that determines our business relationships and interactions. It serves as a guiding principle for building interpersonal relationships in the workplace, so that every employee feels confident and safe.
I am convinced that due to the Corporate Code’s strong principles we will be able to maintain and strengthen the credibility of our Company and set an example of reliable and professional work.

With due respect
Mykhailo Gvozdiov

  • General Provisions

    The Corporate Code (hereinafter referred to as the Code) is a document that contains a set of general corporate norms, rules and instructions that are obligatory for all employees of the Holding companies (hereinafter referred to as the Holding).These rules clearly define what we are, what we stand for, how each employee has to behave, and what our goals are.Norms and principles of this document apply to all the companies and departments within the Holding. They define behavior models and scope of duties of employees in their workplaces.The Code complies with Ukrainian legislation and generally-accepted principles of business ethics. The Code specifies the essential principles of interaction between the Holding's management and staff, rules of conduct and requirements for employees.These rules emphasize the Company's commitment to business ethics and legality.
    The Goal of the Corporate Code is to define and implement acceptable standards of work ethics and attitudes aimed at providing high level of Customer service, personal development and professional growth of employees in order to foster financial stability and credibility of the Holding.
    Objectives of the Corporate Code:• declare Holding’s mission and state corporate values;• specify a set of ethical rules that determine Holding’s relations with customers, business partners, governmental agencies, competitors, public, Media, etc.;• ensure employees’ awareness of their personal responsibility in regard to Customers, business partners and colleagues; ensure employees’ awareness of the scope of their job responsibilities as well as their role in implementing the overall Company mission;• develop corporate culture, and establish employees’ orientation towards common corporate goals, and enhancement of corporate identity.
    Spheres of Application of the Corporate Code:• Holding’s processes that determine relationships with Customers, business partners, governmental agencies, local authorities, competitors and employees;• internal procedures, business processes, regulating rules and documentation of the Holding;

  • Holding’s Mission

    We are committed to creating environment where everyone can feel being cared for and truly enjoy every aspect of cooperation with us in any line of our business. You always get more with us!
    All our activities pursue the following goals:• ensure that every purchase or obtained service for our Customers is prompt, convenient and transparent;• enhance service by resolving Customer’s problems and anticipating their further needs;• transform Customer’s requests into tailor-made, innovative and efficient solutions;• simplify Customer’s life by resolving their problems and taking care of all routine tasks in order to provide them with peace of mind and confidence in every aspect of cooperation with our Company;• prove the status of the best employer in all lines of our business by attracting the best specialists and creating appropriate conditions for their further development; • ensure the highest level of Customer satisfaction and employees’ well-being;• achieve the highest standard and efficiency in our work.
    In our Company we abide by the following principles:• satisfaction of our Customers and the level of engagement of our employees are the main measure of our success;
    • needs, requirements, aspirations and goals of our Customers and employees are the main priority of our work;
    • contribute to the welfare of Ukrainian nation;
    • support and involvement in large-scale charity activities;
    • independent expert assessments, awards and rankings shall speak about our achievements;
    • high reputation in Ukrainian and foreign business environment;
    • establish trustworthy relationships with Customers and employees;
    • open up new horizons for our employees to foster their professional development;
    • foster the corporate culture of achievements where “drive for perfection” is an indispensable part of our DNA.

  • Holding’s Corporate Values

    We are building an advanced Company whose success is based on seven core values:1. Credibility and openness2. Personalized approach3. Personal and social responsibility4. Efficiency5. Efficient time management6. Flexibility and dynamism7. Teamwork Our values set a framework for the way we communicate, do business and interact with our Customers, employees and partners. Credibility and OpennessCredibility and openness are the fundamental values of our Holding. We are convinced that credibility is the backbone of solid relationships and efficient business.Credibility is the most valuable asset and we do our best to earn and maintain the trust of our Customers, employees and partners.High moral and ethical standards determine the nature of all business processes of the Holding. As a result, this helps us build trust in all dimensions of our business.In our relationships with Customers, partners and employees we are committed to honesty and straightforwardness. We do not tolerate any misrepresentation of information or its withholding.We freely share information about our activities and processes, creating transparency at every stage of interaction with Customers, employees and partners.Simplicity is the key to success.We recognize the confidentiality of information and take care to guarantee it.We actively engage in an open dialog where each party expresses their opinion and is treated with mutual respect, stimulating constructive discussions.In our relationships with others we are guided by fair attitude to them and honesty to ourselves. This helps us build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.Personalized approach: providing unique and tailor-made solutionsIn our Company, personalization is not only a strategic approach but also one of our core values.This is about our respect for Customer and their needs.This expression explains our commitment to creating a unique and positive business experience for everyone who deals with our Company.A personalized approach is pertinent to all aspects of our operations and interactions with Customers and employees.
    In relations with Customers we focus on:1. Personalization of services:• We pride ourselves on elaborating and delivering tailor-made solutions and services that take into account the unique requirements of each Customer.• Our approach is to make every Customer interaction with us prompt, transparent, convenient and personalized.2. Product customization:• We create an environment where Customers can not only buy products but also can ask for their modification or adaptation according to their own preferences.• Our approach is to ensure that every Customer receives not just a product, but a product that perfectly meets their individual requirements.3. Personalized communication:• We actively listen to our Customers and use their feedback to provide the most effective and personalized communication.• We use individual communication channels to ensure that each Customer receives proper attention and special treatment.4. Continuous improvement of the quality of services and business processes:• We are interested in continuous development and innovation to achieve leadership in all of lines our business and provide the best solutions for our Customers.• We do not approve of partial improvements – we strive for ultimate perfection.Our Company is committed not only to business success, but also to the personal happiness and development of our employees. We understand that our employees’ satisfaction and well-being affect the overall success and long-lasting team relationships. Therefore, we actively collaborate to create conditions for professional and personal development of our employees, as well as provide support in personal matters. In relations with our employees we provide:1. Personal development:• We provide all our employees with the tools and opportunities for personal development, taking into account their professional and personal goals.• Each employee has their own personal development plan (PDP) that specifies their individual requirements and ambitions.2. Regular one-to-one meetings with employees:• We regularly evaluate performance of our employees and recognize their professional achievements.• We provide mentoring in achieving new goals, review and update personal development plans in accordance with new achievements and further goals.3. Personal support in work and personal matters:• We provide personal support and counselling for work-related issues to help our employees overcome challenges and achieve their professional goals.• We foster a supportive and open environment for discussing personal issues, ensuring understanding and confidentiality.4. Personalized approach to workflow:• Our employees are empowered to choose appropriate work methods and adapt them to suit their working styles and needs. We encourage and support experiments at workplace to achieve best results.• We provide access to resources and tools that help optimize the workflow for each employee individually.We recognize that every person is unique and has their own vision. That is why try to provide tailor-made solutions and services.
    Personal and social responsibility.We take personal responsibility for all our actions.We commit to what we promise.Every step we make aligns with conscious approach and conscientiousness.When we take on a challenge, we guarantee that we know what we are dealing with and ensure a positive outcome. 
    Whenever the odds are against us or the circumstances are extremely unfavorable, none of our employees will ever neglect their responsibility or give up. Even in the face of uncertainty and increasingly stressful conditions, will we actively seek solutions to problems, avoid shifting blame on others, and will focus on positive results instead.Should any problem arise, we shall take the responsibility to resolve it, rather than complain to others or give up. If mistakes happen, we own up to them and admit our responsibility.Every employee aligns their work with achievable goals and takes on full responsibility for the results.Our teams exhibit genuine responsibility through initiative and pro-active position, taking every step towards achieving a common goal.  We reckon that personal responsibility involves elaborating solutions and the most effective ways to achieve goals and resolve problems.We support personal responsibility for self-management and self-development, encouraging every employee to continuously grow. We strive for continuous improvement by creating and utilizing cutting-edge technologies and applying best practices to all aspects of our activity. We not only encourage our employees to learn, but also create all possible conditions to support their professional and personal growth. Continuous learning is the responsibility of every employee in our Holding, as this is determined by the Corporate Code and by job descriptions.We are committed to the principles of transparency and openness in our responsibility management, so that everyone can be fully confident in their contribution and performance.We involve our employees in charity, volunteer and social projects that align with their personal values.We comprehensively encourage and support their participation in corporate initiatives.This creates an opportunity for the whole team to exhibit unity and mutual support.
    Efficiency.The success of the Holding is achieved due to clearly set goals and identifying ways to achieve them at all levels of management.When taking actions and making decisions we make sure that they bring us closer to our goals. We think in terms of results. We are focused on results and it is important for us to achieve them as efficiently as possible.Our key qualities are result-orientation, motivation to achieve our goals in the most efficient way, ability to predict risks, a proactive and creative approach to solving problems.We always aim to elaborate optimal and effective solutions that comply with the highest quality standards as well as meet our Customers’ requirements.Whatever we do shall bear the mark of the highest quality.We ensure that results of our work are impeccable.Any work is performed by our employees promptly with meticulousness and precision within the pre-determined timeline, without extra reminders.We work as a team. Every employee of our Holding realizes that our overall performance depends on their individual results. We set a clear timeline for our work.We work hard and make every effort to become a recognized leader in our line of business, making a significant contribution and setting new quality standards across the industry.
    Efficient time management.We value our Customers’ time as well as ours.For this reason our team creates an environment where Customer’s time is transformed into comfort and pleasurable activity.Time is a precious asset and the new currency of modern life.We focus on time management to maximize results in the following ways:Resources optimization: We recognize that every second counts, and we strive to maximize the use of time as a strategic asset to achieve our goals;Priority on setting right focus: We prioritize the most important tasks and focus on them to ensure that every working minute is used with maximum efficiency. It is important for us to fulfill our obligations within the pre-determined timeframe;Promptness: We pride ourselves on responsiveness to challenges and opportunities to maximize the use of time to our common benefit. We maintain the pace required by the Customer;Continuous improvement: We are constantly working to enhance processes and improve efficiency, ensuring that time is used efficiently for all operations;Sustainability: Our time management policy is based on the system approach aimed at achieving stable and sustainable performance.
    Flexibility and dynamism.In our Holding, flexibility and dynamism are not only strategic aspects; they are part and parcel of our corporate DNA.
    These values permeate every aspect of our business: from strategic planning to daily operations, making us efficient and ready for new challenges.
    For us, being flexible means:
    • quick adaptability to changes;
    • flexibility in work processes and in relations with Customers, employees and partners;
    • making quick decisions even in conditions of uncertainty and lack of information;
    • continuous improvement of individuals, business processes, products and services.
    Dynamism for us is an imperative to introduce new ideas and technologies and apply efficient practices.
    We encourage and develop innovative thinking and support innovative approaches in all areas of our business to stay up-to-date with the demands of time.
    We foster an environment for innovation and actively engage our staff in seeking innovative solutions.
    We regularly review our strategies and analyze current processes to respond effectively to changes in market conditions, uncertainty and new opportunities.
    We apply dynamic project management methods that enable us to effectively implement initiatives and achieve results.
    We respect independence, critical thinking and initiative of every individual in the team to ensure prompt adoption of changes. Also we encourage leaders to make innovative decisions and lead flexibly.
    Our teams are trained to make quick and informed decisions in the conditions of uncertainty.
    We regularly analyze our activities and evaluate performance across the team. Our performance reports help us spot opportunities for streamlining business processes. We take into account new circumstances and minor transformations in order to adapt decision-making strategy and achieve better results.
    We promote a culture where employees feel free to take initiative, where new ideas are welcomed, and where learning and development are an indispensable part of corporate culture.
    Continuous improvement is part and parcel of our corporate DNA.

    Teamwork.People are the core asset and source of the Company success.
    The Holding considers its personnel to be the key, universal, and strategic resource capable of providing us with long-term competitive advantages and achieving leading positions in the market of cars and automotive services.
    The personnel of our Holding is a solid team of genuine professionals.
    Respect for people who work in our Holding means creating a favorable psychological and professional atmosphere for their well-coordinated work.
    We ensure equal treatment of all employees, care for their well-being, encourage their personal and professional growth. This has helped us to build an established team of professionals.
    The Holding appreciates its staff for their high level of competence and professionalism, knowledge and experience, aptitude, initiative and commitment to success, corporate cohesion and dynamism, integrity and discipline.
    We highly praise our teamwork.
    For this reason we maintain a working environment that promotes:
    • effective collaboration between teams;
    • mutual support and shared responsibility for the obtained results;
    • access to information for all team members to ensure common understanding of the situation;
    • openness, clarity, transparency and constructiveness in communications;
    • effective communication and cooperation between representatives of different generations;
    • respect for diversity of opinions;
    • individual and collective flexibility to adapt to changes and develop innovations;
    • creating conditions for elaborating new ideas and innovative approaches to performing tasks;
    • supporting and encouraging creativity, individuality and self-expression in the team environment.
    Any work-related and relevant information is shared with employees immediately, without shifting responsibility, disputes, or refusals to help.
    Teamwork also implies the prevalence of reward over punishment.
    We count on the involvement of every employee in the working processes.
    Being a result-oriented Company, we value individual achievements over the time a person spends at work.
    All employees are subject to the principles of equal treatment and equal opportunities provided by the Holding. Success an individual may achieve with the Company depends solely on their professionalism and personal potential. Every individual may take advantage of the following options: hiring for the Company; appointment or transfer to a new position; promotion; transfer to another place of work within the Holding; transparent salary rates and various types of remuneration; fair selection for professional training or dismissal.
    The main criteria for appointing employees to senior positions are their individual achievements, merits and capabilities.
    Every employee has the right to submit his or her candidacy for vacancies available within the Holding, having received all the relevant information from the Holding’s HR department.
    We nurture our own leaders who sincerely profess the Company’s philosophy and stay true to its mission and values.

  • Standards of Work Ethics

    The reputation of the whole Holding is the responsibility of every employee. We have been building our reputation for years.Each employee, both inside and outside the Holding, must maintain and improve the reputation of the Holding both with their words and actions.
    We focus on the following competencies:1. Customer-oriented approach2. Personal and social responsibility3. Professionalism and efficiency4. Flexibility and dynamism5. Emotional intelligence6. Initiative and innovation7. Analytical thinking and search for better solutions8. Pro-activity 9. Continuous learning and improvement10. Teamwork
    To comply with the Corporate Code employees have to:1. show due respect for Customers and their colleagues;2. provide service and information the Customers need before the latter even realize it;3. strive to exceed the expectations of Customers, management and colleagues and reach above and beyond what is expected of them;4. take personal responsibility for their actions;5. deem changes as a ‘window’ for new opportunities;6. generate new ideas, be able to think creatively and ‘outside the box’, can handle complex problems;7. exhibit personal initiative and independence, without waiting for an instruction from the top;8. be focused on achieving maximum results while minimizing time and staying frugal with resources;9. continuously work on enhancing their skills as well as results of their work;10. follow procedures rather than emotions when dealing with complex issues.
    In their work employees have to comply with the following rules of corporate behavior:1. Demonstrate Customer-oriented approach in communicationOur business centers around our Customers and employees. So we work for the benefit of both.We treat our Customers’ emotions and expectations with due respect and understanding. We pay attention to Customers’ questions and requests, and provide them with high quality service.We articulate our ideas and deliver information in a clear and concise way, so that Customers can easily understand us. Our employees subtly identify Customer needs in order to meet them at the highest level.We create customized and personalized solutions for every Customer.In order to further improve our service we systematically collect and analyze feedback from our Customers as well as analyze retrospective of our relations with them.We adjust our work approaches to the specific needs of different Customers.When selling goods or providing services we strive to transcend Customer expectations.
    2. Personal and social responsibilityWe recognize that we are personally responsibility for what we do.Whatever we do will carry the mark of superb quality. We fulfill our professional duties in a systematic and disciplined manner. We do not hand over work until we have verified it is properly done.We are exceptionally good planners. We are unconditionally punctual and highly self-organized.We make effective decisions even in conditions of unclear or limited data.We are meticulous in performing tasks and persistent in achieving positive results.Should any mistakes occur, we recognize our responsibility for them. A mistake is not a failure, but an experience. We are aware of our role in society and contribute to those aspects that may affect the development of Ukraine.We are actively involved in social and charity initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life and supporting those in need.When making decisions we take into consideration their possible social and environmental implications and promote sustainable development in all areas of our business.We strive to cooperate with other organizations whose aim is to achieve common social goals, so that commonly we could create a positive impact in our society.
    3. Be ready for a changeWe approach complex issues with confidence and handle them with agility even in conditions of uncertainty. Modern world is a fast-paced environment that never stands still. Change is constant and is pertinent to all spheres of our life. We consider every change as an opportunity. We are receptive to new things and glad to introduce innovations.Taking into consideration highly competitive nature of modern business, only continuous innovation can be the key to success and achievements in the market.We are brave and strive for new things. We are optimistic, confident in our abilities and believe in success. We don't dwell on problems, we seek new ways to resolve them. We never try to avoid problems; instead we put forward ideas for their positive resolution.
    4. Initiative and innovationInnovation is the feature that makes leader stand out among followers.Requirements of our Customers become the main criterion for evaluating initiatives.Our innovations center on the Customer. When creating something new we follow ‘the top-down’ approach. There is no limit to perfection. It is never too good. There is nothing that cannot be improved.We keep up with the time and strive to find simple and straightforward solutions to complex issues.Employees who are ready to undertake initiative and take responsibility for their actions are highly valued by the Holding.
    5. Be Pro-activeOur ambition is to foresee our Customers’ needs and take steps to fully resolve their problems before the Customer even identifies them. We think a few steps ahead.We do not follow market demand. We outpace it and shape the market ahead of demand. We know how to cease undesirable trends and boost the desirable ones.For us, the most important sign of an employee’s qualification is their ability to predict.
    6. Be focused on maximum results with minimum costsEvery process and project implies strategic planning aimed at achieving the most effective results. We avoid inefficient actions and elaborate clear action plans.Employees actively apply innovations and look for ways to optimize work processes. We thoroughly analyze and rationalize the use of available resources, including financial, human and time resources, ensuring maximum efficiency in each line of our business.In the time of uncertainty and change, the agility of decision-making process is of great importance. Employees are able to resolve problems quickly and decisively to achieve maximum efficiency.We thoroughly monitor and control our expenses, identifying strategies that enable us to achieve high results with optimal use of resources.
    7. Be efficientWe report on our results, not measures we have taken to achieve them.We evaluate and reward achievements, not for seniority or time spent at the workplace.All managers and employees are evaluated based on their individual contribution to the Company’s overall performance.Properly organized business process guarantees right outcome. Repeated performing of the same task inevitably leads to waste of resources and time.In our Company, “quality work” means:- a task completed correctly the first time;- completing work within the defined time-frame and without reminders;- additionally includes a contingency plan for force majeure.Deadlines must be met without reminders. Any loss of time has a monetary value and can be regarded as equivalent damage to business.Punctuality is one of our merits and distinguishable features. We take the appointed dates, hours, and minutes literally, not metaphorically. Failing to meet deadlines is regarded as a blow to Company prestige.An employee who has to be reminded of deadlines is considered too costly.
    8. Continuous learning and self-improvementLearning means moving forward, building on past achievements and positive experiences, not starting all over again with each new project.Every employee should constantly develop and improve themselves.An employee should actively participate in the Company’s trainings and apply gained knowledge in the future.The Holding continuously enhances its operational processes and constantly strives for innovation and development. The Holding invests in personnel training as well as introduction of new methods and technologies.We are flexible in personnel training and development: - We elaborate flexible training and development programs for our employees.- We regularly update training courses according to the observable changes in the industry and business environment.
    9. Be a team playerWe believe in the transformational power and importance of teamwork, where each team member is important and contributes to achieving common goals. We create conditions for open and honest communication within the team. Each team member has the opportunity to freely express their ideas and opinions, which contributes to effective problem solving. We value diversity of opinions and approaches as it enriches our creative potential. Diversity is viewed as a strength that fosters innovation and exceptional results.Collaboration is a key aspect of our teamwork. We support initiatives and projects which are result of our employees’ collective efforts. Collaboration helps us achieve ultimate results in our goals.We foster an atmosphere of mutual support where everyone can count on the help and advice of their colleagues.
    10. Approach and handle issues in a constructive wayWhen dealing with any issues we follow the principle: ‘question – conversation – decision – actions’.Each employee of the Holding is a personality with their own dignity and self-esteem.Having their own point of view on work-related matters, an employee should defend it in an open and constructive dialogue.All conversations between the employees within the Holding are defined by the framework of business ethics in communication. We overcome differences without conflict. We can criticize behavior, but not a person.Positive evaluation of employee’s work and achievements is made publicly, whereas negative remarks are made privately.In our Holding we consider it unacceptable to withhold any information, conceal problems or discuss them behind the back.Respect between colleagues is essential for creating a favorable moral climate in the Holding.While performing their duties employees are strictly forbidden to use the following phrases:• “I have never heard of this”;• “I was calling you, but I wasn’t able to get through to you …”;• “I came, but you (he, she, they …) were away”;• “I was trying to find … , but I didn’t”;• “Oh, that was long before … (I took over this position/ I started work in this Company)”.

  • Actions incompatible with Holding practices

    It is strictly forbidden to:• steal, take bribes, receive “kickbacks”; lie and misrepresent reporting information; cause intentional material and moral damage to the Holding; insult and humiliate colleagues, Customers and partners;
    • be in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication at workplace;
    • take addictive or psychotropic drugs, on the Company premises and out of work;
    • disclose commercial and professional secrets; make statements that discredit the reputation of the Holding, its management in external circles, Media, etc.;
    • engage in any commercial activity in the market segments where Holding is represented;
    • engage in other paid activities without a special permission from the Holding’s management, except for scientific or creative ones;
    • use his/her official position for mercenary purposes, for the sake of public organizations and political parties, promote their activities;
    • disclose commercial and confidential information related to Holding’s activities, regardless of the nature and method of its receiving;
    • disclose any information related to the private life, dignity of colleagues and Customers of the Holding.
    • Make up and spread rumors!

    Conflict of interest.
    Every employee should avoid situations in which our personal or financial interests may compromise the loyalty of Customers to our Holding.
    Employees should never engage in activities that will lead to a conflict with the interests of the Company or may be considered as such a conflict.
    Employees should never be involved, directly or indirectly, through a family member and/or other relatives acting on their behalf, in the above mentioned activities. The term “family member” encompasses parents, spouse, children (natural or adopted).
    We shall avoid conflicts of interest that may cause others to doubt our honesty and moral principles.
    Every employee is personally responsible for reporting all situations of actual and potential conflicts of interest to their direct supervisor in a timely manner. They also have to take corresponding action in compliance with instructions provided either to gain control of this conflict or eliminate it.
    A conflict of interest may arise if we do business with family members or close friends. Employees must disclose all potential conflicts of interest to their line manager.
    Our employees shall not share information with family members who work for or have a business interest in a competing company.

  • Employees’ Rights 

    Every employee has a right to:• respect for their dignity, regardless of their position or functions in the Company;
    • protection of confidential information related to employee’s personal and professional life;
    • proper technical conditions that will facilitate efficient fulfillment of their duties;
    • flexible working conditions and adaptation to changes in the work environment;
    • recognition and reward for achieving positive results;
    • impartial evaluation of their performance and planning of further career growth;
    • obtain open information about the Company’s strategies and plans;
    • honest and open communication with management and colleagues;
    • individual approach to work and training;
    • taking into consideration personal needs in the process of career growth and development;
    • participation in projects aimed at resolving social and environmental issues;
    • personal contribution to charity and promotion of social initiatives;
    • participation in team projects and effective cooperation with colleagues;
    • collaborate with a team in order to achieve common goals;
    • efficient time management and use of effective methods of work;
    • maintain appropriate work-life balance.

  • Employees’ Responsibilities 

    All employees are obliged to:• comply with the Holding’s internal work regulations, orders, job descriptions, provisions, and policies;
    • maintain appropriate level of qualification required for proper fulfillment of their work duties;
    • adhere to the principles of transparency and honesty in all interactions with colleagues and management;
    • respect confidentiality of information related to work and personal life of colleagues;
    • adhere to ethical standards in personal lives and professional activities;
    • contribute to maintaining and improving Holding’s reputation in the market;
    • deliver to the management information which is relevant to work process or is helpful for resolving Holding’s issues;
    • fulfill their duties with due regard for corporate social responsibility to employees and society;
    • achieve predefined results in every tasks;
    • exhibit initiative, put forward ideas and contribute to the overall productivity of the Company;
    • actively collaborate and communicate with colleagues to achieve common goals;
    • exhibit leadership qualities and contribute to shaping of a positive work environment;
    • effectively manage time and available resources to maximize productivity;
    • comply with the established work schedule and complete tasks on time;
    • be able to adapt to changes in the work environment and promptly respond to new challenges;
    • show flexibility in solving problems and collaboration with other employees.
    Every employee is personally responsible for causing any damage to the Holding not only by his/her actions but also by omission.
    Every employee must actively prevent any illegal actions performed by other employees of the Holding, Customers, business partners, or third parties if they are aimed against welfare of the State, society or against the Holding.
    An employee of the Holding shall immediately notify his/her immediate supervisor and relevant departments of the Holding of intentional actions planned or carried out by other employees or Customers if they violate the legislation of Ukraine, provisions of this Corporate Code or other internal regulations of the Holding.
    Visible complexity of corporate rules and provisions that regulate Holding’s corporate policy does not waive obligations to strictly observe them.
    If employees have any difficulties in interpreting certain regulations or instructions, they have to contact the Legal Department of the Company.
    Every employee of the Holding is obliged to ensure full compliance with the laws, regulations and other documents directly related to his/her area of responsibility.

  • Key Holding Management Principles

    In terms of authority distribution, the Holding relies on the principle of unity of command. Each employee of the Company shall receive tasks only from the head of his or her department and shall be responsible directly to the head of this department. The Holding considers personal responsibility as one of the fundamental principles of management.
    Achievement of any strategic goal involves sequential achievement of smaller goals and fulfilling operational tasks. A specific employee is responsible for each of these tasks in every area of work in the Holding. Along with personal responsibility for a specific task, the Company follows a joint discussion principle. In the process of elaborating a solution, it is possible and necessary to discuss it with a wide range of people, getting as many opinions and alternatives as possible.Holding’s business processes, which are elaborated and approved collectively, are mandatory for all enterprises of the Holding.

  • Staff Recruitment Principles 

    Our whole service system emphasizes the fact that every Customer has to receive high quality service while communicating with our staff. That is why we pay great attention to interviewing our candidates.We prioritize six criteria in selection of our perspective employees:
    1 Honesty and openness.Whatever we do, we strive to do it properly. We are open and sincere with each other. Everyone can tell the other directly what they don't like about his or her attitude or work. We do not approve of misrepresentation of information. Everyone can make a mistake, but they must be ready to admit to them and be ready to change. For us, this is a sign of person’s adequacy. These are the requirements we set for ourselves and require from our candidates.
    2 Willingness to workWe are passionate about what we have been doing for the last 25 years. That's why it's important for us to make sure that the candidate is clearly motivated to work. We are deeply convinced that only an employee who is genuinely willing to work can enjoy their job, and therefore can succeed in professional field.
    3 Willingness to learn
    In our Company we nurture a culture of continuous improvement. All aspects of our business rely on advanced technologies. Therefore, we need employees who are willing to learn, gain new skills and expand their knowledge. This will help them quickly adapt to changes and new challenges in the work environment.

    4 Teamwork
    Our victories and achievements are the result of the fact that the Holding’s staff, which is distributed across different cities of Ukraine, always performs as one big team united by common goals, corporate values and principles. We need candidates who are willing to work in a team and contribute to the common result.

    5 Striving to achieve
    We highly praise people who can inspire and energize themselves as well as others. We are focused on achieving high results in our professional field and high quality of performance. We systematically analyze the quality of our work. We achieve our goals and try to do better than expected by our Customers. That is why we are looking for employees who are ready to work efficiently and systematically improve their results, look for new ways to resolve problems.

    6 Values
    It is essential for us that the values of our candidates match those of our Holding.

  • Employees’ Training 

    Perfection has no limits.
    We are systematically developing and improving our skills and quality of service.
    We implement the most advanced management practices and strive to meet international standards.
    We are focused on using cutting-edge technologies in all areas of our business.
    We are open to all novelties in the sphere of science and technology that will enable us to achieve greater business efficiency.
    Initiative shall always be rewarded.
    The Holding encourages reasonable initiative and creative approach to work, with due respect to the principle of subordination and existing framework of authority.
    The Holding supports employees’ desire to develop and learn new things.
    Another principle adopted by the Holding is management’s support and encouragement of ingenuity and reasonable initiative of employees while performing routine functions, as well as when dealing with non-standard tasks.
    In order to implement the above vision of professional and personal development of employees, the Holding constantly invests in employees’ training programs.
    We have an extensive base of training programs which includes internal programs, programs of importers and our partners. We actively invite external trainers to run their training sessions.
    The Holding has its own library with a selection of the latest professional literature, which is regularly updated.
    We are constantly working to introduce new methods and technologies in training our staff.
    Learning means moving forward based on the past achievements, not starting from scratch with every new project.
    We totally welcome such an approach when an employee strives to continuous development and shaping their skills.
    The employee is obliged to actively participate in Company trainings and apply the obtained knowledge in the future.

  • Relationships in the Team

    The Company relationships with its employees rely on the principles of partnership and long-term cooperation, mutual respect and strict commitment to mutual obligations.
    We value not only professional qualities, but also consider everyone as a personality with their strengths and needs.
    The key to the Company’s prosperity is not just in the hands of its employees, but in their personal well-being.

    Happy employees = satisfied Customers = prosperous business.

    Well-being of employees is not only about comfortable working conditions, motivation programs, corporate events and various incentives.
    It also involves an opportunity to develop and realize their potential, significance and variety of work, a sense of involvement in the Company’s success and contribution to the common work, a positive team environment, open and accessible top management, recognition and respect.
    Respecting each other’s self-esteem and dignity, the Holding’s employees do not resort to rudeness or impudence, no matter how critical the situation may be.
    Mutual respect between colleagues is essential for a favorable moral climate in the Holding.
    Violation of moral and business standards of behavior is unacceptable.
    To build trust and respect, one should be accurate in fulfilling obligations and agreements, sincere and open with colleagues.
    Each employee, regardless of which dealership they work at and what position they hold, is a part of the Holding’s team. Each employee can count on the support and assistance of their colleagues regarding their work and personal matters.
    The Holding has adopted uniform standards of communication with “external” and “internal” Customers.
    Each colleague is considered an “internal” Customer, and communication with them requires no less respect, professionalism, and correctness than communication with “external” Customers.
    In their communication, employees and managers of the Holding adhere to the principle of subordination: interaction with the top management is usually carried out through the direct supervisor.
    The employees of the Holding are a diverse community. The Holding’s task is to develop a corporate culture that makes this diversity its powerful competitive advantage.
    On the territory of the Holding, all employees have to greet each other and visitors regardless of the degree of their acquaintance.
    The Company shall not tolerate any discrimination against its employees based on religious, national, gender or other similar motives in hiring, remuneration, or promotion.
    It is important for the Holding to develop and maintain a healthy atmosphere within the corporate team.
    The Holding does not approve of competitive relationships between its departments and sub-divisions that might lead to tensions. Nevertheless, we welcome the spirit of competition in relations between employees as an incentive for personal development and improvement of each employee in their professional domain.
    In their work employees have to be true professionals - their personal attitude towards a colleague must not be expressed in a way that may negatively affect the results of joint work.
    If an employee of the Holding has their own point of view on professional issues, they have to constructively defend it in an open dialog. The dialog is to comply with ethic rules.
    All employees must comply with the rules of business etiquette, namely:
    - be familiar with a generally-accepted culture of behavior;
    - respectfully treat others;
    - respect human dignity;
    - be polite;
    - be friendly and tolerant;
    - be conscientious;
    - be tactful;
    - be sensitive to the needs of others;
    - avoid hypocrisy;
    - never deceive others.
    To ensure the most effective and comfortable interaction between employees, the Holding applies the following principles:
    • be sincere and open to communication. To work effectively in a team, we need honest and transparent relationships between people. Therefore, every employee of our Holding should always be open for constructive communication;
    • communication should be guided by mutual respect, courtesy and tolerance;
    • constructive and result-oriented communication is the core of collaborative work environment;
    • openness and honesty are essential virtues of the Holding’s employees. We do not approve of any undercover intrigues or manipulations within our team;
    • if an employee needs help or assistance, they have to ask for it. The first step in solving any problem is to recognize it. One should not expect someone to come to your aid without knowing the problem. Instead, ask for help directly, and you will definitely get it. In turn, be ready to provide help and assistance to anyone who asks for it;
    • do not conceal your mistakes. Only those who do nothing make no mistakes;
    • if you feel that work in any area can be improved, do not hesitate to make a suggestion. The Holding welcomes and encourages initiatives from employees aimed at enhancing Company’s operations;
    • if you have difficulties or do not understand something in your work, immediately ask your immediate supervisor or other experienced and competent employees;
    • avoid personal assessments of people’s performance. There are no good or bad employees. We evaluate only results. Be permissive – every employee deserves a second chance even if they fail;
    • whenever possible, express positive attitude to other people’s work in public;
    • negative opinion about other people’s work should be expressed in private.
    The Holding takes measures aimed at protecting health, labor and safety of its employees, creating all the necessary conditions for their professional growth and social well-being.
    The Holding consistently strives to ensure:
    - safety and ergonomics of all workplaces;
    - appropriate sanitary and hygienic working conditions.
    The Holding welcomes active involvement of employees in the life of the Company, which contributes to further development of corporate culture and internal cooperation.
    The Holding appreciates and encourages any ideas of employees, which may be important for business development.
    The Holding welcomes employees’ initiative and creativity while respecting the principle of subordination and the existing framework of authority.
    The Company accepts and encourages constructive criticism of business processes. But when criticizing, one has to make constructive suggestions! If an employee does not agree with a particular decision or business process, he or she has to offer a better solution.
    The Company approves of employees’ participation in social activities, provided that these activities do not have a negative impact on the Holding, or employee’s performance in the Company.
    An employee is forbidden to make any statements (including social networks and other Internet platforms) that may harm reputation of the Holding. When commenting on the Company’s activities, the employee is personally responsible for the content of the information posted by him/her about the Company on publicly available Internet resources, including social networks.
    The Company takes measures aimed at protecting the labor, health and ensuring safety of its employees.
    The Holding approves of a healthy lifestyle of its employees.
    The Holding does not approve of bad habits, such as tobacco smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, etc. In this regard, smoking is allowed only in designated areas. Drinking alcohol in the workplace at any time is strictly prohibited. Use of addictive drugs at anytime and anywhere is incompatible with work in the Holding.
    The Holding does not approve of the use of its premises for purposes other than the main activity, even out of working hours.
    Exceptions are possible only for the organization of training sessions to improve employees’ skills and professionalism and for general corporate events agreed with the Holding’s management.

    Conflict resolution
    Finding the best solution is often associated with conflicts and disputes. Employees of the Holding should take measures to prevent and avoid conflict situations.
    The Holding allows only constructive dialogues related to specific production issues or working aspects.
    The distinguishing feature of a constructive professional dialog is that it never turns personal.
    Disputes can be caused by differences in opinions related to work processes, but never by mutual personal claims. Any dispute should be in polite and correct form.
    If the dispute cannot be resolved by the two parties, it should be settled with the help of a third party.
    The third party may be the immediate supervisor of the disputing parties. In this case, after the third party makes a decision, the conflict is considered to be resolved, and the disputing parties are obliged to comply with the decision.
    It is necessary to strive to resolve disputes at the lowest possible management level and, if possible, without involving Holding’s top management.

  • Communications 

    Reception by the Holding’s management on personal matters.Reception of employees on personal issues by the Holding’s management (CEO, heads of departments) is possible at any time.
    Work consultations, meetings, negotiations.Work consultations, meetings and negotiations are scheduled in advance for a specific time, based on the interests and capabilities of all participants. Therefore, timely attendance of these events is obligatory for every employee of the Company. Being late to work consultations, meetings and negotiations is not acceptable. If an employee is unable to attend a scheduled event at the agreed time, they must notify their immediate supervisor and other interested parties in advance.All heads of the Company’s departments schedule meetings on a weekly basis. If necessary, the meeting may be held via conference call.
    The organizer of a meeting is obliged to:• define participants of these meeting well in advance;• agree on the date, time, venue and agenda of the meeting with all the participants;• prepare and send the relevant handouts and work documents to all the participants to review;• immediately inform all the participants if time or place of the meeting change;• if necessary, draw up the minutes of the meeting in the form specified by the Holding’s document management system.
    Participants of the meeting are obliged to:• review the handouts and working documents in advance;• notify other participants if they are not able to participate in the meeting, and, if possible, ensure that their representative attends the meeting;• arrive at the meeting on time (5 minutes before the meeting is due to begin).
    Telephone conversations.When making or answering a phone call, employees should start with appropriate greeting form and introduce themselves to the other party.
    The phone should be picked up no later than after the third ring. Telephone conversations should be conducted using the scripts approved by the Holding.

    During a telephone conversation, one must ensure that the volume level is sufficient. Speech should be clear and expressive and comply with the accepted language norms. The tone of the conversation should be neutral. While on the phone employees should express kindness and interest, whereas negative emotions have to be avoided in the conversation.
    It is strictly forbidden to use obscene language in a telephone conversation, as well as parasitic words that indicate a low cultural level of the employee and negatively affect the reputation of the Holding.
    Calls to the phone of a temporarily absent colleague should not be ignored –employee who is present shall answer the call and ask to call back later, indicating the estimated time of when the other employee is expected to be available.
    It is strictly forbidden to make international calls for personal purposes from a Company phone.
    Employees who have corporate mobile phones should keep them switched on at all times. If it is impossible to answer calls, the phone must be activated in the “call forwarding” or “answering machine” mode.
    In compliance with the “Regulations on Corporate Mobile Communications” employees are obliged to use only a corporate phone when communicating with Customers by phone.
    Telephone conversationsBusiness correspondence.In the process of running our business there is a constant need for contacts and information exchange (via correspondence) between employees inside the Company, with Customers and other organizations. All correspondence can be divided into official and unofficial.
    Official correspondence with Holding’s Customers and other organizations is carried out only by sending them official documents.
    If necessary, additional documents may be attached to the official document. The type of delivery (mail, express delivery service, courier, fax) of documents shall be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration economic feasibility, convenience, as well as requirements of the recipient.
    Unofficial correspondence with Holding’s Customers and other organizations, as well as correspondence between employees within the Holding, shall be carried out by means of e-mail. When using e-mail for internal correspondence, sending large files (more than 5 MB) should be avoided.

  • Relationships with Customers

    Customers, their needs and requests are the main priority for the Holding.
    In order to maintain and strengthen mutually beneficial and fruitful relationships with Customers, the employees have to promptly respond to their changing requests and continuously improve the quality of service provided.
    Employees, regardless of their position and functions in the Company, have to strictly adhere to the following rules in their relations with the Customers:
    • during meetings and conversation with Customers follow requirements and communication patterns specified by this Code;
    • meet the Customers and say them goodbye with a friendly smile; be polite and respectful in communication; provide the Customers with the necessary assistance, show interest in solving their problems related to the services provided by the Company;
    • show willingness to communicate with the Customers;
    • respect the personality and interests of the Customers, be honest and punctual in fulfilling their obligations;
    • respect the time and resources of the Customers, avoid delays in resolving issues;
    • while respecting their own reputation and dignity, employees should avoid personal moral dependence on Customers, as well as assuming obligations beyond their immediate competence and authority.

  • Relationships with Business Competitors

    In our relationships with competitors, we are guided by the principle of fair competition. Undoubtedly, it is the best incentive to improve business practices, encourage further development and foster innovation. Also it contributes to a wider choice for our partners.
    In our practice competition has always been and will always remain one of the greatest drivers of development.
    We respect the physical and intellectual property rights of our competitors. We avoid using illegal methods to influence them, including obtaining commercial information in dishonest, illegal or unethical ways.
    We are committed to antitrust and competition laws for the sake of technological progress for common good.
    Therefore, we adhere to the following principles:• promote open markets and investment;
    • exhibit competition practices that have positive social and economic impact and showcase mutual respect between competitors;
    • adhere to the rules of fair competition on par with other market players;
    • avoid collusive agreements with competitors on pricing policy, on bidding prices; abstain from market division;
    • avoid sharing information about marketing plans;
    • at official meetings abstain from discussions on pricing policy of competing companies and other similar issues.

  • Relationships with Public Authorities

    We believe that transparency of Holding’s operations is a prerequisite for the long-term efficiency of our business.
    When providing and exchanging information, the Holding management is guided by the following principles:• compliance with the requirements of the current legislation while providing information;
    • accuracy and integrity of the information provided;
    • ensuring a reasonable balance between transparency and compliance with commercial interests of the Company (including the protection of information that is a part of a trade secret).
    Implementation of the Government’s policy to create conditions for sustainable economic growth in Ukraine simultaneously creates preconditions for further effective development of our business. Our interests comply with those of the State. We cooperate with public authorities that control various aspects of our Company activities.
    Public officials are responsible employees or officers who represent Governmental or local authorities and act on behalf of these institutions.
    We shall deal with public authorities and their representatives without pursuing any personal interest or resorting to unlawful methods to influence administrative decisions. It is strictly prohibited for the Holding employees to give any direct or indirect monetary rewards or gifts to any official in order to make them use their power and influence decision-making processes.
    Therefore, we are committed to building our relationships with Governmental and local officials on the principles of transparency, equality and cooperation.

  • Abuse of Office

    Every employee of the Company should remember that they represent the Holding during and after their working hours.
    Therefore, it is highly important to remember that every action of an employee can be perceived as an action of the Holding as a whole.
    Being a representative of the Holding, in their relationships with a Customer or with a public authority an employee is obliged to act exclusively within the framework of the Holding interests.
    This obligation applies not only to the actions specified in the job description, but also to business contacts with the Customers and representative of Governmental or local authorities.
    Gifts and rewards.No employee of the Holding shall ask for or accept (directly or indirectly) any payment, gifts or anything of value from an actual or potential Customer, organization, official representative of a Governmental authority or other person as a sign of gratitude for the service provided or assistance that will be provided in connection with any transaction or procedure carried out by the Holding.
    An employee of the Holding shall not offer (directly or indirectly) payment, gifts or other things of significant value to a representative of a Customer (actual or potential), Governmental authority or public organization as a sign of gratitude for assistance and influence or upon assurance that such assistance or influence will be provided in connection with the sale or any other operation or procedure carried out by the latter.
    Nevertheless, this usually shall not apply to informal dinners, entertainment, promotional souvenirs of minor value and other courtesies that are offered without any conditions and do not make others or the Holding feel indebted.
    However, if the other party has adopted stricter rules prohibiting their employees from accepting gifts of even small value, our Holding’s employees shall respect these rules.
    In any case, such actions of the Holding’s employees shall not result in violation of the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine.
    Any questions related to the application and interpretation of these rules in relation to specific cases should be addressed either to the immediate manager or the Management Board of the Holding.
    Gifts, services, funds, privileges, discounts from any third party or organization are the property of the Holding. An employee who receives such a gift has no right to use it for his/her own benefit and is obliged to transfer the gift to the Company’s balance sheet.

  • Relationships with Media 

    Employees of the Holding are obliged to cooperate with the media to the maximum extent possible.
    The Holding’s information policy is aimed at providing free and non-restricted access to information about the Company.
    Communication channels are chosen so that interested parties can have free or reasonably inexpensive access to information about the Company.
    The Company website (https://gmgroup.ua/) contains freely available information about the Holding’s history, organizational structure, as well as information about the products and services offered, other materials, etc.

    We strictly observe compliance with high ethical standards in relations with the media and journalists and shall not tolerate the dissemination of false information, concealment and/or distortion of facts in our advertising activities or other public relations activities.
    We strive to build relationships with media representatives on the principles of mutual respect, adhering to the norms of ethics and behavior and defending interests of our Company.
    All contacts of the Holding’s employees with media representatives are carried out in compliance with the Regulations on the Holding’s Information Policy.
    Every employee of the Holding should understand and always remember that any opinion expressed by them or shared information will directly correlate with the Company, its image and will affect its reputation in the business community.

  • Holding’s Political Position

    A big patriotic heart beats in the chest of our Company. We are rooting for every event, however big or small, that concerns our Ukraine. We are proud of our country, its cultural heritage and incredible achievements. In our team, values are not just words, but an indispensable part of our Corporate policy and daily lives.
    We understand that a strong Sate is the result of joint efforts and highflying ambitions. That is why we strive to ensure that a sense of pride and love for Ukraine is pertinent to every member of our team. We believe that only in a unanimous team with solid internal bonds, where everyone shares our values, can we achieve greater success.
    Our Company is committed to the principles of responsibility and morality. We recognize and support values that are aimed at strengthening and bringing prosperity to our country – Ukraine.
    We are deeply proud of our country, its history and traditions. We recognize and support the integrity of the State and its borders, as it was before 2014. This cohesion is the key to our success and prosperity. We are ready to contribute to initiatives aimed at preserving and strengthening national unity.
    We strongly condemn russia's military invasion in Ukraine.
    We uphold the right of every State to be independent and consider any violation of this principle unacceptable. Our Company strives to ensure that the world lives in peace, and we believe that stability can be achieved through diplomacy and mutual understanding.
    We are committed to further contributing to the restoration and development of Ukraine. By supporting volunteer and social projects, we believe in the potential of civic society and its active engagement. These projects are aimed at improving the standard of life of our fellow citizens, restoring the damaged infrastructure and promoting sustainable development.
    Among our employees and partners we would like to see people who share our deep sense of patriotism, commitment and love for our Motherland. Only together can we build a future that every Ukrainian can be proud of.
    May our joint work contribute to the prosperity and welfare of our Ukraine!

  • Participation in Charity Projects and Events 

    The Holding is aware of responsibility the business has to society and is actively involved in charity projects and acts as a sponsor of numerous activities and initiatives.
    We view our involvement in charity projects from the perspective of “corporate citizenship”. This concept implies not only centralized funding of charity projects, but also providing the Holding’s employees with the opportunity to take part in voluntary charity events. Our intra-corporate charity program is also aimed to meet this challenge.
    We are aware that taking part in charity events, we are not able to resolve all the problems of society, but we strive to make a contribution to the development of our country, to consolidate the efforts of individuals in achieving measurable results for the benefit of living and future generations of Ukrainian citizens.

  • Working Hours

    The requirements that regulate and determine the behavior of employees in the workplace are based on the principle of efficiency.
    Business activities of the Holding are determined by a set of goals. Specific goals are also specified and formulated for each department and sub-division. Work of every employee in the Holding is also determined by measurable goals.
    The main task of every employee and the entire team is to achieve their goals.
    The working hours of all employees are determined by Internal Labor Regulations.
    In case an employee cannot be present at the workplace due to objective reasons, they shall notify their immediate supervisor or office administrator (assistant manager) of their current location before the start of the working day. Also they shall provide information on when they are expected to be at their workplace.
    Employees of the Holding may deviate from their work schedule if it is required to perform their immediate work tasks. Cases of deviation from the approved work schedule must be agreed in advance with the immediate supervisor. It is recommended that employees come to work early to be able to fully perform their duties at the beginning of the work day.
    Employee’s working hours are fully dedicated to performing their work. Distracting conversations and personal phone calls are unacceptable.
    During the working hours, employees should keep their workplace clean, taking into account the requirements for sanitary, information and fire safety standards that are approved in the Holding.

  • Appearance of an Employee

    Appearance of every employee contributes to shaping the overall image of the Holding and affects the trust of our Customers and business partners.Appearance of an employee should be consistent with the image of the Holding as a credible, reliable and respectable Company. Heads of departments and employees working with external Customers should follow the “office style” in their dress code or wear uniforms.
    In our Holding we recommend the following dress code rules:

    For the fall-spring season:
    • For men: a formal business suit, long-sleeved shirt (preferably pastel colors), a tie and dark-colored shoes;
    • For women: a jacket, skirt, white or pastel-colored blouse, formal business suit, stockings and shoes.
    In the summertime:
    • For men: classic trousers and a shirt, shoes of low-key or soft colors;
    • For women: a dress, skirt, white or pastel-colored blouse, stockings and shoes.
    Following garments are not recommended to wear:
    • Knitted vests, jumpers, sweaters;
    • Shorts, jeans, breeches and other non-classical pants;
    • Low-necked dresses; sheer dresses, skirts, blouses; very short skirts and dresses; sundresses and other loose-fitting dresses;
    • Boots, sneakers, shoes without a back (clogs, slippers, etc.);
    • Bright-colored clothing.

    The heads of departments and sub-divisions are responsible for ensuring that employees comply with dress code rules and recommendations.
    On Saturdays and Sundays, if there are no scheduled official meetings with external Customers of the Holding, all office employees are allowed to wear casual clothes.
    Employees of repair workshops and Holding’s General Service Department are required to wear appropriate uniform on the premises of the Holding.

  • Use of Holding’s Resources 

    The Holding shall provide employees with tools, equipment and premises required for effective work.
    Every employee shall use the resources of the Holding in his/her disposal exclusively for work purposes.
    Each employee of the Holding is obliged to take care of the resources in their disposal, prevent their irrational or inappropriate use, damage, loss; never transfer them to other persons.

  • Safety Precautions

    While respecting the right to the privacy of our employees, the Holding reserves the right to regulate the principles of disseminating information about Holding’s business activities.
    Employees ensure that confidential commercial information shall not be disclosed. When dealing with confidential information they are obliged to comply with the terms and conditions for protecting commercial secrets outlined in the “Regulations on Protecting Commercial and Proprietary Information”.
    Confidential information encompasses the following:• • strategic and tactical business plans of the Holding;
    • information on financial performance and marketing activities of the Holding;
    • information about Customers and partners of the Holding;
    • information on technologies, equipment, and automated systems used by the Company;
    • information on the Holding’s technical security and surveillance systems;
    • information about the Holding’s personnel (staffing table, personal data of employees; salary, etc.);
    • information from internal databases;
    • other information specified by internal regulatory documents of the Holding.
    Confidential and sensitive commercial information may be contained in memos, reports and other documents.
    Employees shall guarantee that they are aware of importance of confidential information and shall carefully handle this data.
    The Company follows the principle of “clean desks”: at the end of the working day and in case of prolonged absence from their workplace, employees must remove from the desk all the documents they have been working with.
    To ensure safety of confidential information and information constituting Holding’s commercial secrets, employees are prohibited from leaving any work documents, including drafts, unattended at the workplace.
    All documents generated in the process of work but which have become unnecessary (drafts, draft documents, printouts) must be destroyed either manually or with the use of a shredder. It is forbidden to throw in the bin whole (untorn) documents or individual sheets of documents, including draft documents.
    Disclosure of confidential information in any way outside the Holding is strictly prohibited.
    After becoming employees of the Holding, person shall assume moral, ethical and legal obligations not to disclose any commercial information.
    Internal regulatory documents developed by employees in the process of their work at the Holding are the property of the Holding.
    The obligation to keep Holding’s commercial information secret is not cancelled after termination of employment with the Holding for whatever reason.
    A new employee of the Holding shall vow in written form not to disclose confidential information.
    An employee of the Holding who has access to Holding’s commercial information shall use it solely for the purpose of performing official duties in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, this Code, and internal documents of the Holding.
    Rules for work with informationThe Holding shall ensure disclosure of information about its business activities in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine based on the principles of reliability, regularity and promptness of its delivery.
    The amount of information provided to Customers and partners is determined by the nature of the services provided to them in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, this Code and internal regulations of the Holding.
    Customers and partners of the Holding may be sure that information about them, their activities, including information that they are Customers of the Holding, is confidential and shall not be disclosed by the Holding. Exceptions may be determined by the legislation of Ukraine or when disclosure is made with the consent of the Customer, partner and does not contradict the terms of the agreement with them.
    An employee of the Holding shall provide information on the Company's activities to the media in accordance with the principles that regulate their relationships with the media.
    Employees of the Holding are obliged to ensure the safety of its tangible and intangible assets.
    Every employee of the Holding is obliged to take care of the security of the Holding and never harm it by their action or inaction.
    Employees of the Holding are strictly prohibited from installing any additional devices or software on their personal computers without the appropriate permission of the Information Technology Department.
    In case it is necessary to leave the workplace, an employee is obliged to block his/her personal computer in order to prevent unauthorized access to it.
    Employees of the Holding are prohibited from disclosing passwords to operating system of personal devices, passwords to operational databases and related software.
    Upon completion of work, employees are obliged to bring their workplace to order and turn off their personal computers.

  • Civic Position and Corporate Social Responsibility

    We are proud to live and work in Ukraine. We respect and abide by the laws of Ukraine and believe that this is the only right way to do fair and responsible business.
    We, like any other company, are one of the numerous building blocks of our society – by developing business, creating jobs, introducing new technologies, paying taxes, the Company contributes to the growth of social welfare and improving the quality of life in our country. We are shaping a transparent and competitive automotive market in Ukraine.
    We recognize our responsibility for our business practices; we have to avoid actions that may lead to increased social tension, and ensure our own economic and financial well-being and prosperity.
    Holding’s social responsibility to the society encompasses the following:• providing quality services to every Customer;
    • creating jobs and investing in development of human resources;
    • strict compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation;
    • efficient business management;
    • taking into account public expectations and generally accepted ethical standards in business practices;
    • participation in charity projects.
    For the Holding, socially responsible business means not only support of charity projects and sponsoring various events, but also shaping of a sustainable business environment and active involvement in life of society.
    Our general approach to elaborating and implementing internal corporate social programs is aimed at strengthening the bonds in the Holding’s team, by incorporating them in business process, and preserving Holding's core values.

  • Revision of Corporate Ethics Policy

    Holding’s management considers it vital to continuously improve the corporate policy. For this purpose, this Corporate Code may be revised and supplemented once a year.
    Amendments and additions are made only at the end of the calendar year after public discussion of new aspects is over. The updated version of the Code shall enter into force on the 1st of January of the following year.
    Compliance with corporate procedures and standards is obligatory for all employees of the Holding.

  • Compliance with Terms and Conditions of Corporate Code 

    Employees of the Holding shall comply with all provisions of the Corporate Code. They take an active part in their discussion, and initiate changes if necessary.
    Heads of departments and sub-divisions are obliged to monitor compliance with corporate standards, rules and ethical norms of the Company by their subordinates.
    Employees who wish to clarify or get explanation of the rules covered in this document should contact their immediate supervisors.
    Employees agree to confirm annually that they act in accordance with rules specified in the Corporate Code of the Holding.
    Employees who know (or have reasons to assume) about violations of this Code or other legal violations related to work of the Holding should immediately notify relevant official body or their immediate supervisor.
    In case of non-compliance with the provisions of this Code, the Holding reserves the right to apply appropriate disciplinary measures, including dismissal.
    Our Company believes that compliance with the Corporate Code contributes to the efficiency of our operations and helps to develop professional skills of our employees.