Staff Development

People are the most valuable asset of GM Group. We consider that encouraging and supporting personal and professional development of our staff is our best investment. Creating opportunities for life-long professional learning and permanent enhancement of our staff's skills are among key priorities of GM Group.


Tetiana Tomchyshyn

Corporate Business Coach at GM Group in the area of Sales Management, Managerial Skills, and Soft Skills.

Author, coach and project manager.
Nine year of successful coaching experience, eight years in sales and executive positions.


Training "Instruments of Effective Management"

Heads of GM Group's dealership centers took part in a series of training sessions "Instruments of Effective Management". Together with our corporate business coach they worked to develop their goal-setting strategies, enhanced their planning skills, and various aspects of task setting and delegation.


Training "Leadership in Action. A Leader as a Mentor"

At GM Group, managers perform various roles including leading, sharing information, and making decisions. Every manager in our Holding is expected to be a mentor for their team, encouraging personal and professional development, boosting motivation, and creating positive working environment.


Training "Efficient Communication Strategies of a Leader"

During the training session participants were exposed to different communication strategies. They were also taught methods of giving arguments, holding constructive business meetings, providing informative feedback to achieve the best result of professional interaction.