The history of GM GROUP encompasses 25 years of diligent and qualified work in the sphere of car dealership.
Over this period of time the Company has undergone significant transformations and we realized that people are our main and most valuable asset.
Our achievements are due to the fact that our staff who work in seven regions of Ukraine have always acted as a single team, united by common goals, corporate values and principles.

We encourage development of talents, and praise leadership qualities. Together we work for achieving peace in Ukraine.
The position of our Company is clear and transparent: condemnation of war and providing all the possible aid to the Country.

Our Staff:


Confidence in the Future

All our employees have guaranteed official employment.During COVID pandemic GM GROUP set up new business lines and created new jobs. During war we have not stopped our work even for a single day.

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Competitive Salary

Our employees regularly get decent pay for their work. Also they have an opportunity to increase their reward by developing their professional skills and showing better performance at work.

Up-to-date Tools and Equipment

We understand that efficiency and results of car service depend both on qualification and equipment employees have in their disposal. In order to achieve the highest efficiency we provide our staff with up-to-date tools and equipment that meet standards of automotive industry.

Official Employment

All employees are officially employed. Their rights are protected by the Law.

Learning Opportunities

The Company provides all employees with opportunities to enhance their professional skills. Professional growth courses are organized and mentored by the Importers and take place in Company premises.

Team Work

Every employee at GM GROUP is a part of a large Holding Company and can always count on comprehensive support from management and colleagues.

Our Core Values:

1. Trust2. Partnership3. Responsibility4. Agility5.Efficiency

GM GROUP has an established culture of encouraging personal growth and praising employee's achievements. We always set ambitious goals and stick to them.
Our customers as well as our employees, their needs, dreams and ambitions are fundamental element of our relations. High financial performance of the Company enables GM GROUP to invest in personal development as well as support high standard of services.


What we expect from a perfect Candidate?


Honesty and openness.

GM GROUP supports a culture of honesty and openness in interpersonal relations. Every employee is encouraged to speak their mind freely and directly, so that we can avoid misunderstandings in communication at work. One can make a mistake, but one has to be ready to admit to them and be ready to change for better. Honesty is our benchmark of credibility and positive attitude. We require this from ourselves, we require this from potential Candidates.


Desire to work.

We have been fully engaged in automotive dealership and car service for over 25 years now. We expect our Candidates to show motivation to work with us and provide positive results.We are deeply convinced that only those who love their work will get a true satisfaction from their work and will achieve success in their trade.


Desire to develop.

We support the culture of personal development and life-long learning. We rely on advanced and up-to-date technologies in our work. For this reason our employees are to be ready to continue their personal and professional development. We believe that proper training provides professional flexibility and enables one to respond to professional challenges appropriately.



Our achievements are the results of common work of every member of our staff at GM GROUP. Although the Holding is represented in various regions of Ukraine, we always work as a single unit, driven by the same set of goals, corporate values and principles. The potential Candidate has to show their commitment to corporate values share our visions of the future. 


Strive for achievements.

We praise active individuals who can inspire others and are able to think out-of-the-box.
We praise people who can contribute to achieving high results in our sphere and show high performance.
We rely on mechanisms that help us constantly analyze our employees' performance.
In our work we try to achieve more than expected.
That is why we are looking for Candidates who are not afraid of challenges, who are ready to work efficiently, develop professionally and may come up with new approaches to resolving various issues.



It is important that our Candidate's values comply with our corporate values and principles.



Olena ArsenuykHR manager 

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