Training "Instruments of Effective Management"

Heads of GM Group's dealership centers took part in a series of training sessions "Instruments of Effective Management". Together with our corporate business coach they worked to develop their goal-setting strategies, enhanced their planning skills, and various aspects of task setting and delegation.A highly qualified team is the main asset of our Company. That's why continuous learning and skills improvement are considered our main priority. We believe that only permanent development of our staff will help us deliver a high level of service to our customers and partners.
This training session is the beginning of a more complex course aimed at enhancing managerial competences in order boost our managerial potential and provide maximum performance.We take pride in our team whose members are always ready to accept new knowledge and develop new skills. Investing in permanent learning and development of our staff helps us support our leading position in the sphere of car dealership and provides our customers and partners with reliable and optimal solutions.